Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Lawn

You know you've moved to the suburbs when this article from The New York Times about taking care of your lawnmower has become a must-read. You also know that if you live in Tenafly and actually got the fancy-schmancy $500 battery-operated lawnmower, as I did, that you live on the wrong side of the train tracks. Not that we’re suffering on this side – quite the contrary – but still.

However, much as I was quite satisfied with the mower on its maiden voyage, it seems it may have been an unnecessary investment. Witness the following:

Yes, our resident baby groundhogs. There's a daddy and a mommy, too. They are not alone in tending the lawn:

Forgive the view through the screen. This is Tenafly, not Wild Kingdom. And yes, of course there are LOTS of rabbits. Here in the suburbs, we support family businesses.

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